Mom steals daughter’s car, bank card to gamble |

Mom steals daughter’s car, bank card to gamble

Staff Report

A Carson City woman who stole her daughter’s car and bank card to go gambling in violation of her probation was sentenced Monday to a year in Douglas County Jail concurrent to any time she has when her parole is revoked.

Claire Arthur, 47, was arrested April 8 after she took her daughter’s vehicle from Carson City to a Gardnerville casino.

East Fork District Judge Michael Gibbons rejected her request for probation reinstatement.

“I don’t like sending people to prison because of their addictions and mental health problems,” he said. “I feel sorry for you and your family, but you have done it to yourself.”

He encouraged her to seek help in prison.

Arthur was sentenced to a year in Douglas County Jail and placed on five years probation for trying to cash bad checks worth $3,000 in August 2006.

A 20-year-old Carson City man who admitted trading stolen video games equipment and a power drill for heroin pleaded guilty Monday to grand larceny.

District Judge Michael Gibbons granted Timothy Newman’s petition to enter Western Regional Drug Court.

“I want to straighten my life out and I think this would help me,” Newman said.

He said all the items had been returned including a power drill that was pawned in Carson City.

Newman said he would be able to make restitution because he would be working for his stepfather, an electrician, while he looks for another job.

The victim told deputies she awoke April 26 in her Gardnerville Ranchos residence and discovered the items were missing. Some of the items turned up in the jail property of another man who was arrested on drug charges. She knew Williams through other acquaintances.

“This is a big chance for you. Take advantage of it and don’t blow it,” Gibbons said.