Montel Williams announces divorce from wife of seven years |

Montel Williams announces divorce from wife of seven years

Associated Press

LOS ANGELES – Nationally syndicated talk show host Montel Williams has announced he is divorcing his wife of seven years, Grace Williams.

”After going in separate directions for quite some time, Grace and I have decided to end our seven-year marriage. In light of our difficulties, we agreed to a divorce last November,” Williams said in a one-paragraph statement Monday.

”She has been very supportive concerning my medical condition, yet it has been the challenges we’ve had as a married couple which have led to this recent decision.”

Williams, 43, announced last August that he has multiple sclerosis, a debilitating neurological disease that affects about 300,000 Americans and has no cure. Symptoms include loss of muscle coordination, tremors, slurred speech and unusual tiredness.

Williams’ statement gave no further information about the reasons for the divorce. Chrisette Suter, a spokeswoman for the talk show host, declined to elaborate.

Grace Williams is an actor and writer. They have two children.