More help for Lindsay |

More help for Lindsay

Karen Woodmansee
Special to the Appeal
Karen Woodmansee/Nevada AppealBrooke Taylor of the Moonlite BunnyRanch presents a check to the parents of Lindsay Davidson to help with her medical bills.

The ladies of the Moonlite BunnyRanch reached out to help a little girl who has struggled to get back in the swing of things since she was hit in a crosswalk by a driver with no insurance.

Lindsay Davidson, who is now 8, suffered severe brain injuries after the incident last May, when a trip to get ice cream ended in tragedy.

She has endured much medical treatment and her dad, Spencer, said she has had to relearn just abut everything, but is back at school and doing as well as can be expected.

Her family has struggled as well, with more than $200,000 in medical bills, some of which have gone to collection because the family lacks the resources to pay.

Brooke Taylor, one of the working girls at the BunnyRanch, said the prostitutes raised money by asking those who didn’t want the full treatment, who just wanted to pose for photos, to donate to Lindsay’s fund.

“Sometimes people come in and they don’t necessarily want to party, but they just want a picture, we ask them to donate,” she said.

Other employees helped out too, and the group raised $1,000 and offered a large stuffed bunny.

“This isn’t foreshadowing a future career,” Taylor said as she gave the bunny to Lindsay’s parents. “It’s just a stuffed animal.”

Spencer Davidson had a reunion of sorts with one employee, cashier Katie Simeroth, since he once worked on her roof.

“I got four different guys to help me frame it,” she said. “He was the only one who stuck it out.”

She said that connection made her feel even better about helping the little girl.

The bank account put together to aid her is still active and donations can be made at any Bank of America Branch to the Lindsay Davidson Medical Fund.

Signs, signs everywhere are signs – and nobody reads them.

I’m referring to the speed limit signs along State Route 341 and Highway 50, which many drivers seem to transpose in their minds.

I come down 341 every day, and the speed limit from Greiner’s bend to about American Flat Road is 25 miles per hour. A little further down and it goes to 45 mph, where it stays until you get to Devil’s Gate, then it is 25 mph through Silver City.

After Silver, it goes to 35, then 45, and finally a hefty 55 mph as the road loses its sharp curves, and stays that way all the way to Highway 50.

Now, if you turn left on Highway 50 you can still (legally) go 55, but if you turn right, into Mound House, you are supposed to go 45 until you get to the Carson City line. As many Mound House residents will tell you, very few people go 45 on 50.

But what drives me crazy is drivers who go 45 on 341, where the speed limit is 55. Although it is a two-lane rather than a four-lane road, the speed limit is higher, probably because there are precious few homes or businesses.

I often get caught behind these slow pokes, who invariably jam the gas as soon as they turn onto Highway 50, where there are many businesses, sides streets, turns that require slower driving to be safe. You don’t want to be going 55 or 60 when someone pulls out of one of the businesses and can’t speed up quickly enough.

So remember, speed up on 342, slow down on 50, and make folks in both Mound House and the Comstock district happy.

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