Mound House church deacon living cancer-free |

Mound House church deacon living cancer-free

Rhonda Costa
Nevada Appeal Staff Writer
Brad Horn/Nevada Appeal

After being diagnosed in June with Stage IV esophageal cancer, Rhea Williams, 63, of Mound House was recently told by his oncologist he is cancer-free.

Eight months, 30 radiation treatments and several sessions of chemotherapy have eradicated the cancer from Williams’ body ” to which he gives credit to God.

“The doctor told me to go home and enjoy my next two to three months,” Williams said. “His aim was to slow it down and contain it, keep it from spreading.

“When he told me the results (Jan. 21) of the treatment, he said I was not in remission, it’s gone, he was almost giddy.”

The Williamses learned about the cancer just two day before celebrating Father’s Day last summer. Williams said his church ” Silver Hills Community Church ” his sisters and their families, were all praying for him. He also came to the conclusion whatever happened would be God’s will.

“There was so much prayer, I know that did it,” he said.

“It just wasn’t Rhea’s time to go,” said Carol, his wife of 40 years. “I think Rhea’s purpose is to be with our grandson, Preston, who is 9.”

Carol said when they called Preston to tell him the cancer was gone, Preston replied with, “Whoopee!”

Williams lost 35 pounds during treatment. His father and three brothers all died of cancer.

Rhea and Carol renewed their vows Nov. 30, on their 40th anniversary. When they all thought this would be their last Christmas together, their pastor, Ben Fleming, told them to create memory makers.

“I had already accepted that I was going to die,” Williams said. “I had set up things financially, for Carol. But with all the prayers come our thanks. I have to be a testimony to what God can do and has done. I’ve been excited to tell others. No more cancer and no more treatment.”

A deacon at Silver Hills Community Church, Williams said he is thankful God used him to give a message to others.

“It was very moving for me,” Williams said. “I’m not one to get up and talk in front of people.”

Fleming said he was extremely grateful and thankful for the good news.

“I believe it was an answer to prayer personally on my part, and our entire church family,” he said. “We prayed God would extend his life, to continue working in his life.

“This has been going on since June and we were expecting at that time for him to not be with us. We began focusing on prayer and healing for Rhea. God has heard our prayers and answered them.”

Carol Williams said the worst side-effects of the treatment were Rhea not tolerating the cold, and his nerve endings are more sensitive.

“We had done some really nice things before, like visiting friends at Twin Lakes, and taking the Heavenly tram ride.”

“We also bought a porch swing in late summer,” Rhea said. “It brought us closer. We talk a lot about our fears and joys. But prayer made believers in us.

“Once you accept God’s will, it’s easy from there.”

Williams’ next body scan is in April. Because of his family history, he has a higher probability cancer will return.

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