Movie filming brings financial gain |

Movie filming brings financial gain

by Regina Purcell, Appeal News Service

GENOA — Most townspeople are thrilled with a movie being filmed there, but economic impacts may be slight.

“I think it’s good for the town to experience a little different activity, and business has been positively impacted,” town manager Paul Williams said.

“When all is said and done, it will probably be $1,000” for the town coffers.

The commotion started early last week when Williams received a telephone call from the Nevada Commission on Tourism.

“Within a hour, a site locator came,” he said.

That locator from the Dawpate Ltd. production company of Los Angeles apparently liked what she saw. Production started that evening and is expected to run for nearly two weeks. The production company did not return telephone calls for comment.

Williams said the company hired about 50 locals as extras.

The Genoa Town Hall, fire station and meeting room are being used in “Till the River Runs Dry,” starring Ann-Margret, who reportedly plays a recluse named Jeeter.

“They put up a sign ‘Jeeter’s Realty,”‘ said Gina Gillmor of Town & Country Real Estate.

Along with her business, the Inn Cognito, La Ferme, the Genoa Bar & Saloon and Legend Country Inn will be featured in the movie.

Locations around Lake Tahoe will also be used to convey a Colorado community.

The businesses were paid a “nominal amount,” said Williams.

Gillmor said the Town & Country received $1,000 for the movie company to shoot for 12 hours.

Legends’ owner Bettie Kanelos, who is from Hollywood, is used to the movie scene. Her business is reportedly being used as a doctor’s office.

“It breaks the monotony of a small town,” she said.

Larry Lawrence said there will be interior and exterior scenes shot at his Inn Cognito restaurant. He would not say how much he was paid.

“We didn’t originally ask for money,” he said. “It’s good publicity, and we are actually closed on Tuesdays (when the company filmed there) so we look at it like a wedding or party.”

Gail Dellavedova, owner of the Country Store, benefited when the production company’s catering truck broke down on Kingsbury Grade and the movie crew bought food from her this week.

She said it is too early to say what kind of profits she will have, but said the crew is using her store to buy odds and ends.