Movies becoming traditional on Christmas day |

Movies becoming traditional on Christmas day

by staff

Not all Christmas-day traditions are all that traditional.

Sometimes when the presents are all unwrapped, and the frenzy of playing with new toys slows down, families load the kids, parents and grandparents into the family wagon and head off to the movie theater.

Northgate Movies 10 in Carson City was abuzz with holiday moviegoers who decided to take in a flick during the holiday. Among the most popular movie choices: “Stuart Little,” “The Green Mile” and “Deuce Bigalow.”

Wilbur and Anika Talas, a Carson City grandfather and granddaughter team were capping off a day of present-opening fun with the matinee showing of “Stuart Little.”

Wilbur said Anika wanted to see it.

“Her brothers are out of town so we decided to come down and see a movie,” Wilbur said. “She’s having a good time.”

Anika, still beaming from Santa Claus’s visit, simply stated that her favorite thing about Christmas is “It’s fun.” Santa brought her a stuffed “Tigger,” a character of “Winnie the Pooh” fame.

Others came to the movies to fill up the free afternoon.

Brian and Jennifer, also from Carson City, figured their baby boy Tyler wouldn’t mind if they saw “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.” Tyler slept in his father’s arms.

Brother and sister Jesus and Anne Rios said going to the theaters every year is their way to get away from an overcrowded house.

“Sometimes it’s loud at home,” said Anne, who is visiting relatives from out of town. “By noon, it was time to slip out quietly.”