Mr. Twain’s birthday bash includes new book release |

Mr. Twain’s birthday bash includes new book release

Jean Eick
Nevada Appeal News Service

There’s little debate – birthday parties are so much fun, no matter what age is being celebrated. And not many can boast about going to a birthday party for someone celebrating a 175th birthday.

Until Tuesday, Nov. 30, that is, when Mark Twain celebrates his 175th with a bash in Incline Village.

It is a party not to be missed, said Incline resident McAvoy Layne, a longtime Twain impersonator, because it also serves as an opportunity to learn about Twain’s recently released 736-page autobiography, which already is on the New York Times bestseller list. After a century wait, the autobiography is being published in a series of three volumes over the next five years.

The birthday bash will feature Layne bringing remarkable stories and quotes of Mark Twain to life. It took Layne three weeks to read through the current volume of the autobiography, he said, and he is promising to give information from the book and even details about why it was not to be published until 100 years after his death.

“Now it might seem strange that Mark Twain has actually already been a part of the great beyond for 100 years and is just releasing his autobiography. Well that, too, is a story,” Layne said. “I will tell the secret why it was kept for 100 years. And why there is more to come.”

Don’t think, though, that this is the only secret Layne will reveal during the party.

“I will be going over his secrets of longevity,” Layne said. “Anyone who wants to live for 175 years will want to hear the secrets that will be revealed. So if they follow all the rules given that night, they will live to see 175. That’s a promise. They have to stick strictly to them though.”

Much of the information in the autobiography is information many fans will already be familiar with, Layne said, like the chapter about Twain’s trip to Hawaii. Of course, if you are not familiar with this trip, Layne presents “Letters from Hawaii” on Saturday, Nov. 27, at the Mark Twain Cultural Center in the Village Center.

Twain followers also know about the time and adventures he had in Tahoe; however, much of this information is not included in the first volume, so expect to read about lots of other adventures. For anyone wanting to add the autobiography to their collection, the book will be available for purchase during the birthday bash.

Birthday bash guests also can expect to hear Layne talk about Clemens Cove and reasons why this area is so important.

“I honestly believe that if Mark Twain, who traveled the world, had his choice of places to live, he would choose not just Tahoe, but North Lake Tahoe,” he said.

Like most birthday bashes, cake will be a part of the evening; also, a typical evening at a Mark Twain Cultural Center event includes guests bringing their own food and libations to enjoy.