Museum honors quarter launch with unveiling of its own |

Museum honors quarter launch with unveiling of its own

Jarid Shipley
Appeal Staff Writer

For Bob Nylen, curator of history for the Nevada State Museum, Tuesday was the end of a long road.

Nylen was a member of the 18-member committee charged with shepherding the design for the Nevada quarter. He was there when the five designs were selected in September 2004. He was there when more than 60,000 people voted for their favorite in May. He was at the Denver mint on Jan. 5, when the first quarters were struck. And he was there Tuesday morning when the quarter was launched at the Capitol.

“The U.S. Mint had guidelines, and they said come up with themes that could be presented to the Mint,” he said. “Then their artists made the designs. One of the great things about our process is that everyone had a vote.”

To celebrate the launch of the quarter and highlight the connection between the historic Carson City Mint, where the museum is located, and the current U.S. Mint, the Nevada State Museum minted a special .999 fine silver medallion on the Historic Coin Press No. 1. The “Spirit of the West” medallion, designed by local artist Margery Hall-Marshall, was packaged together with the newly released Nevada quarter. The museum had 600 of the sets on hand Tuesday and said it will mint 2,006.

Ken Hopple, coin press operator, said he was glad to see the museum celebrate the historic day.

“I like them releasing new things. I don’t think you can not have times in history when you celebrate, and this is certainly one of those times,” Hopple said.

Bill Pliler pre-ordered two of the sets several days ago to make sure he got his today.

“My wife lived here almost all her life, and we heard they were doing this, so we got one for ourselves and one for our great-granddaughter who will be born in September,” he said.

“We stood in line for an hour-and-a-half this morning, but it was all worth it.”

Hall-Marshall, who designed the front of the medallion using her horse Lacey as the model, was also on hand to answer questions.

Nylen said despite the rushed pace, it was still a good day, and a long time coming.

“It was a special day, and I think it showed off Nevada very well to the Mint people. It was a hectic, hectic day,” Nylen said.

While supplies last, the medallion and quarter sets can be ordered at museum and cost $50. The museum is at 600 N. Carson St.

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