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Nation & World Briefly 6/5

First debris from Air France flight found

FERNANDO DE NORONHA, Brazil (AP) – A Brazilian helicopter crew recovered the first wreckage from Air France Flight 447 on Thursday, pulling a cargo pallet from the sea. No sign of human remains have been spotted, and Air France has told families that the jetliner broke apart, killing all 228 people on board.

Air France’s CEO Pierre-Henri Gourgeon told family members at a private meeting that the Airbus A330 disintegrated, either in the air or when it slammed into the ocean and there were no survivors.

Flight 447 disappeared en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris on Sunday night.

Actor David Carradine found dead

BANGKOK (AP) – Actor David Carradine, a born seeker and cult idol who broke through as the willing student called “grasshopper” in the 1970s TV series “Kung Fu” and decades later as leader of an assassin squad in “Kill Bill,” was found dead Thursday in Thailand. Police said he appeared to have hanged himself.

The officer responsible for investigating the death, Lt. Teerapop Luanseng, said the 72-year-old actor had been staying in a suite at the luxury Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel.

“I can confirm that we found his body, naked, hanging in the closet,” Teerapop said. He said police suspected suicide.

Sotomayor’s assets top $1 million

WASHINGTON (AP) – Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor says her personal assets top $1 million.

Her $1.16 million in assets include her Greenwich Village condo, valued at $997,500; a $20,000 stake in another condominium; and about $109,000 in cars and other personal property. Her financial statement shows she has $31,985 in the bank.

Sotomayor released details about her finances as part of a massive portfolio of documents she sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday in response to a questionnaire about her background and writings.

It shows her personal assets amount to far less than others who President Obama considered nominating for the high court.

Sotomayor has $418,350 in debts, most of it mortgage debt.