NBA chief officer appointed to workforce development board |

NBA chief officer appointed to workforce development board

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Aaron West, chief executive officer for Nevada Builders Alliance, has been appointed by Governor Sandoval to the Governor’s Workforce Development Board. West will serve as representative for workforce and labor.

“Nevada Builders Alliance has a 50-year history of promoting workforce development in the construction industry,” West said. “We applaud Gov. Sandoval for recognizing the importance of workforce development and his continuing support of a streamlined system for providing education and job training for all Nevadans. It is an honor to serve on the State Board.”

The State Board, which was originally established as a condition of the U.S. Workforce Innovations Act of 1998, is charged with developing strategies which align workforce development programs in order to create a comprehensive and streamline workforce development system throughout the state.

Members of the State Board are appointed by Sandoval, and 51 percent or more of board members must represent business and industry. The board represents northern, southern and rural areas of Nevada.