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NDOW warns about run-ins with coyotes

Nevada Appeal Staff Report

Wildlife officials at the Nevada Department of Wildlife want to educate the public about run-ins with coyotes.

Although coyotes have been known to hunt and eat domestic pets, simply spotting a coyote is not necessarily cause for alarm. Nor is it necessary to call NDOW. However, a call may be warranted anytime a coyote is showing threatening behavior toward people, especially children. The key to preventing possible conflicts with coyotes or other wildlife, according to NDOW, is to eliminate those things that attract them beginning with possible food sources.

Never feed coyotes: Wild animals quickly become habituated to humans as a food source. Store pet food inside and feed pets inside if possible. Be sure to cover garbage containers with a well-fitting lid.

Pets, especially small dogs and cats, should not be left outside unattended. This is especially true at dawn or dusk when coyotes are most active. It’s also a good idea to trim or remove any ground-level shrubs and branches that could provide coyotes with a hiding place.

Should anyone encounter a coyote, they should make loud noises, wave their hands or objects like a stick or broom, or spray the coyote with water from a garden hose. Don’t turn away or run because that may trigger the animal’s predator instinct – but don’t corner a coyote either. Give the animal room to escape.

More information about living with coyotes can be found online at http://www.ndow