Neighbor nabs suspected burglar |

Neighbor nabs suspected burglar

by F.T. Norton

A Carson City man allegedly driving a stolen vehicle loaded with weapons was arrested Friday after being nabbed by an armed homeowner.

Christopher Delaney, 27, was being held in the Carson City Jail on three counts of suspicion of felony possession of stolen property and being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm. Investigators are looking at a connection between Delaney and burglaries throughout the community.

About 12:11 p.m., a parole and probation officer in the East Carson City area of Lassen and Menlo drives spotted a blue Volkswagen Passat with plates reported stolen in Douglas County.

As she followed the vehicle allegedly driven by Delaney, he jumped out on Douglas Lane and began to run east through yards toward homes on Minonee Lane, police reported.

Deputies arriving in the neighborhood were unable to locate him, and began searching the Volkswagen.

Inside they found three rifles and several dufflebags covered in blood, said Carson City Sheriff’s Sgt. Bob White.

Investigators suspect Delaney cut himself, possibly during a burglary.

Forty minutes later, when homeowner Ernie Rocha walked into his garage in the 3000 block of Minonee he noticed the lock on the door was broken, said Deputy Scott McDaniel.

Rocha went into his home, got a handgun and threw open his garage door. He discovered Delaney hiding inside, McDaniel said.

“(Delaney) offered him money not to tell,” McDaniel said.

But Rocha ordered Delaney out of the garage. When police arrived, Rocha had Delaney lying on the ground at gunpoint, said Deputy Bill Richards.

Police repeatedly ordered Rocha to put down his gun. When he complied, deputies handcuffed Delaney and took Rocha’s gun from him, sending the homeowner into a tirade.

“You better give me back my gun. I use that gun to protect my family,” Rocha shouted. “And you fix my (expletive) door!”

White said Rocha’s gun was returned to him later in the day, after he’d calmed down.

Police are investigating whether Delaney was involved in a home burglary Thursday on Bodie Drive.

In that case, a homeowner saw a man matching Delaney’s description looking in his windows, then running through neighbors’ yards before driving off in a vehicle with plates that matched those on the Volkswagen.

Delaney was being held in lieu of $72,632 bond.

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