Nevada cultural commission awards $3M in grants |

Nevada cultural commission awards $3M in grants

The Nevada Commission for Cultural Affairs on Thursday awarded $3 million in grants to 23 historic preservation projects including the Brewery Arts Center and Stewart Indian School.

The BAC will receive $170,000 to do repairs on the brick structure of the building. Historic Preservation Officer Ron James said the brick needs to be repointed and sealed to stop water damage to the historic Tahoe Brewery Company structure in Carson City.

In addition, the Nevada Indian Commission was awarded $100,000 to finish assessing what restoration work is needed on Building 1 at the Stewart school complex and do seismic stabilization work to it can be fully restored in the future.

The largest single award went to the federal building/U.S. Post Office project in Las Vegas. The $220,000 award from this year’s cultural bond money along with the $97,000 in unused funding from previous years should complete the work creating a “mob museum” in Las Vegas. In all, the project has received about $3 million in funding.

Oats Park School in Fallon was awarded $200,000 to restore the lower floor, creating classrooms and art workshops. The Fallon Fraternal Hall and Community Center was awarded $80,000 to continue work there.

For the first time, the Storey County Courthouse received a grant. The $120,000 award will be used for restoration work on the facade of the historic courthouse, known throughout the west for the statue of justice without a blindfold.

Also in Virginia City, the century-old St. Mary’s Art Center was awarded $155,000 to replace windows and repair its front porch.

At Lake Tahoe, the Thunderbird Lodge, the historic George Whittell estate near Sand Harbor, was awarded $200,000 to repair the disintegrating foundation of the boathouse and install sprinkler system access.

In all, 26 projects applied for more than $6.7 million in grants this year. Under the bond program approved by the Legislature, the commission has $3 million to give out each year. This year, 23 of the applicants received some funding.