Nevada Day revisited: 1940 & 1957 |

Nevada Day revisited: 1940 & 1957

From the Nevada Appeal on Nov. 1, 1957: Leading the Grand March at the 1864 Ball are Gov. and Mrs. Charles Russell and Supreme Court Chief Justice and Mrs. Milton Badt, while second in line are Mr. and Mrs. Bill Engel and Mr. and Mrs. Stan Pochop.

Editor’s Note: This continues a series featuring the Appeal’s coverage of past Nevada Days.

Reprinted from the Nov. 1, 1940, Carson City Daily Appeal:

Virginio Gayda, often Mussolini’s spokesman, charged today in Giornale D’ Italia that Roosevelt is preparing to bring the United States into Britain’s side.

Intervention by the United States might come at any time, Gayda charged.

“Roosevelt is prepared for the United States to abandon neutrality and directly intervene in the war at any moment.

“Roosevelt’s desire to intervene becomes clearer every day.

“On the basis of the accord concluded with Canada, the United States becomes England’s arsenal.

“Cession of 50 destroyers to Britain means that a large force is being employed against the axis. It has been proven that these destroyers prepared for action before the accord was reached.

“United States arms and men are being sent to England daily.

We invite American warmongers to furnish documentary proof that the axis is planning war against the United States. This proof does not exist.”

Officials here declined to take formal cognizance of Gayda’s charges that President Roosevelt is preparing to intervene in the European war in Britain’s favor.

RAF bombers have gone roaring to the aid of Greece and have blasted Naples, far down toward the Italian boot’s ankle.

It is believe that royal air forces are not based in Greece.

Rains, bad roads in the mountains and blown up bridges are delaying advance by the Italians.

Greeks have repulsed one attack, but the Italians are ready to use 70,000 men to get their drive going.

It is reported that German troop movements across Rumania have increased.

A large scale British naval offensive in the Mediterranean is believed imminent.

A terrific barrage was put up tonight as many German planes were over London.