Nevada Day Treasure Hunt medallion found |

Nevada Day Treasure Hunt medallion found

Nevada Appeal staff report
Daniel Dull shows off the Nevada Day Treasure Hunt medallion.
Nevada Appeal staff |

Explaining the clues

Clue 1: As we celebrate this State’s cultures

We are grateful for the opportunity

To carry on this tradition

For our community

Explanation: This is an introductory clue recognizing that there is a new group putting on the Nevada Day Treasure Hunt this year and recognizing that the Nevada Day Parade’s Theme for 2015 is “Nevada: One State, Many Cultures.”

Clue 2: At Captain Jim’s petition

These palisades were allotted

Now it is their mission

To watch over where treasure is spotted

Explanation: Captain Jim was a Washoe Chief who petitioned the government for compensation of the Tribe’s lost resources and tribal lands within the Pine Nut Mountains. As a result of that petition in 1887 the Dawes Act created allotments for the Washoe Tribe. The Pine Nut Mountains run from Storey County through Lyon County to Douglas County. This clue signals that the medallion is hidden in one of the valleys bordering the Pine Nut Mountains.

Clue 3: The once great Brigadier General

Earned respect while on the rise

But once again, he won’t

Claim the prize

Explanation: This clue references brevet Brigadier General Sylvester Churchill, for whom Churchill County, Nevada was named. This clue tells hunters that the medallion once again will not be hidden in Churchill County.

Clue 4: Long before Grable and Bacall

Steamed away,

Ore and lumber

Won the day

Explanation: This clue references the V&T Railroad, which had a line that extended to Minden (H.F. Dangberg planned Minden around the line). This clue specifically references locomotive 25, which was purchased to help handle the demand created by adding the Minden line, by referencing Betty Grable and Lauren Bacall. Locomotive 25 was used in The Beautiful Blond from Bashful Bend, 1949, starring Betty Grable and Bright Leaf, 1950, starring Lauren Bacall.

Clue 5: A combination

Of six, seven and nineteen

Will be the incarnation

Of the treasure hunt scene

Explanation: This clue refers to July, 1906 (07/1906) when Minden was accepted as a town by the Douglas County Board of Commissioners. This clue points hunters to Minden.

Clue 6: The icon of the valley

Resides in another state

Upon it stood its namesake

But don’t take the bait

Explanation: This clue signals that the medallion is hidden in Carson Valley. Jobs Peak towers over Carson Valley, but its summit is in California not Nevada. Moses Job hiked to the top and named it for himself.

Clue 7: It was an uber mistake

To use the tree

To exact vengeance

Upon me

Explanation: This clue points to Douglas County by referencing the “Hanging Tree” on the outskirts of Genoa. The Carson Valley Historical Society’s historical marker on this tree tells the story of Adam Uber who was lynched from the tree in 1857 for murdering a popular teamster. As legend goes a curse followed those individuals responsible for the lynching.

Clue 8: Look for Henry’s twins within a twin

When seeking some clarity

But don’t be discouraged

By their lack of similarity

Explanation: This clue references the twin cities of Minden and Gardnerville and specifically the twin houses built by Henry Bassman in Minden, in 1907. They were the fourth oldest homes in Minden at the time and when they were built they were identical but have since been remodeled to look nothing like each other.

Clue 9: Don’t follow Don Quixote’s lead

To butter your bread

Because no tilting is required

To keep you out of the red

Explanation: The Minden Butter Manufacturing Company, also known as the Minden Creamery, was once the largest creamery in Nevada and sold its products under the Windmill brand name. The literary character Don Quixote famously tilted at windmills. This clue points hunters to Minden.

Clue 10: Stand out of bounds

You’re not quite there

Proceed for six

Before asking where

Explanation: This clue tells hunters that the medallion is hidden close to a state border. The turn for the Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park is six miles from the state line on State Route 88.

Clue 11: Good morning Nevada

We are broadcasting with wishes

Of luck for all you hunters

With love and kisses

Explanation: In amateur radio, 88 is a shorthand for “love and kisses” when signing off. This clue signals that the medallion is hidden off of State Route 88.

Clue 12: They reached an agreement

At least as to one-third

Giving away eighty

Or so everyone’s heard

Explanation: This clue refers to the 1902 Carson Valley One-Third Agreement. Pursuant to the agreement H.F. Dangberg traded 80% of the low-flow water rights on the East Fork of the Carson River in exchange for one-third of the guaranteed water rights. The agreement was supported by custom and was unwritten. This clue points hunters to the Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park where the medallion is hidden.

Clue 13: Nevada has had more than

One high roller

But without Margaret’s brother

This one wouldn’t be a record holder

Explanation: The High Roller in Las Vegas, Nevada is currently the world’s largest Ferris wheel. The original Ferris wheel was designed and constructed by George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr., brother to Margaret Ferris who married H.F. Dangberg. This clue also points hunters to the Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park.

Clue 14: In a time of need

Hunde were solicited

She agreed to the deed

Four being elicited

Explanation: This clue refers to Fritzi Dangberg’s donation of four German Shepherds to the Dogs for Defense program during World War II. Hunde is German for dogs. Once again, this clue points to the Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park.

While Daniel Dull participated in the Nevada Day Treasure Hunt for the first time and just moved to this state, it’s not like he hasn’t been well acquainted with its charm.

So it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise Dull, who recently moved to Dayton, found the Nevada Day Treasure Hunt medallion. Dull found the medallion at the historic Dangberg Ranch south of Minden at 3:30 p.m. Thursday and immediately came to the Nevada Appeal office to show off the prize he found. Dull wins $1,000 for finding the medallion.

“I’ve been exploring all over Nevada my whole life,” Dull said. “I love Nevada history. I love mining history, western history.”

Dull would wake up at 4 a.m. every morning than obtain that day’s clue and would set out on his hunt until noon each day. But Thursday, his wife advised him to go back out in the afternoon and that’s when he found the medallion behind the stairs against the main house at the Dangberg Ranch.

“I get to sleep in tomorrow,” he said.

Dull said the last several clues led him to the Dangberg Ranch and Thursday was the fourth straight day in which he had been out to the ranch. Clues 10 through 14 all pointed treasure hunters to the Dangberg Ranch. But Dull was unable to find the medallion and it took 14 clues before he could find it. “It was hidden well,” he said.

“I was just walking around it,” added Dull on how he eventually found the prize.