Sandoval: Senate should not rush Kavanaugh vote |

Sandoval: Senate should not rush Kavanaugh vote

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Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh speaks at the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday on Capitol Hill in Washington.
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LAS VEGAS — Nevada’s Republican governor said Thursday the U.S. Senate should not cast a final vote on the U.S. Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh without a full review of the allegations of sexual misconduct that have been made against the nominee.

Sandoval’s statement came as Christine Blasey Ford testified before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when both were teenagers in the 1980s. Kavanaugh denied the allegations.

“In regards to the current Supreme Court nomination process, I believe that the witnesses and the nominee should have the full opportunity to be heard and testimony and documents to be reviewed prior to any final decision,” Sandoval, a former federal judge, said in a statement.

Sandoval’s office declined to clarify if he was calling for an FBI investigation and whether he believes senators need to hear additional testimony from witnesses related to the allegations by Christine Blasey Ford or from other women who have gone public with allegations against Kavanaugh.

Sandoval’s office said he had not spoken about the issue with Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, a Republican.

Heller said before sexual assault allegations were made public against Kavanaugh that he had “no reservations” about voting for him, but his office did not respond to inquiries Wednesday and Thursday asking if the senator still intends to support Kavanaugh.

Heller’s office only issued a statement Wednesday from Heller in which the senator said it was important that Ford share her information with the committee and that all senators work “in good faith.”

Heller received criticism last week for reportedly describing the allegations involving Kavanaugh as a “hiccup” and that he would be confirmed. Heller later said he does “not believe sexual assault allegations of any kind are a hiccup.”

In front of a federal courthouse in Las Vegas on Thursday, a group of about a dozen people, mostly women, demonstrated in support of Ford. They held signs in support of Ford, wrote the words “I Believe” on their hands and sent a warning to Heller that they would remember his vote on Kavanaugh this November, when he faces a tough re-election battle with Democrat Jacky Rosen.

“Come November, please understand your actions today will definitely be seen in the midterms,” said organizer Kenia Leon of Nevada Indivisible. “We are telling you, Dean Heller, to vote the correct way, because we are watching.”