Nevada launches Web site for college-bound students |

Nevada launches Web site for college-bound students

Published Caption: Kim Lamb/Appeal News Service

The “Go To College” campaign is designed to increase awareness throughout Nevada about the resources

available to help students of all ages – from elementary to high school students – continue on to higher education upon graduation, including financial assistance options.

The new Web site,, will serve as the hub for information about available resources that students can use to help them plan, prepare and pay for college, including information

regarding federal government money available for higher education through grants or loans. The website will also include information regarding Nevada colleges and universities and their many other scholarships, grants, work study opportunities and loans which may be available to students if they complete the necessary paperwork.

The website will also assist parents, with children as young as elementary school age, begin to appropriately plan for their children to attend college with methods like a savings plan.

The website also asks students to take a “pledge” to go to college by making a commitment to following the best practices to get to college.

Students who take the pledge, and encourage their friends to take the pledge, will be eligible for one of two laptop computers.

“Nevada has ranked 49th or 50th for many years for percentage of low-income students participating in college,” said Natalie Mazzullo, community education specialist with the Nevada System of Higher

Education (NSHE). “We want to help encourage students to consider college and give them the information and resources they need to show them it is possible to continue their education. “