Nevada Legislature targets flag bans |

Nevada Legislature targets flag bans

Associated Press

CARSON CITY, Nev. — A West Point graduate now in the state Assembly is sure the 2003 Legislature will approve at least one bill that guarantees Nevadans the right to display the American flag.

“In times like this, people should be able to display the flag and honor the troops,” said Assemblyman Walter Andonov, R-Henderson. “I think it is a shame there are restrictions.”

Besides Andonov’s AB408 in the Assembly, two pending Senate bills would block homeowners’ associations and local governments from denying people the right to fly their flags.

Assembly Government Affairs Chairman Mark Manendo, D-Las Vegas, held a hearing Monday on AB408, cosponsored by Andonov and Assemblyman Josh Griffin, R-Henderson, but took no immediate vote on the bill.

Manendo said he wants to confer with Senate leaders to make sure the bills contain similar language before taking a vote in his committee.

Andonov proposed the flag bill after one of his constituents, Las Vegas police officer Bruno Choueiri, told him he was fined by a Henderson homeowners’ association for displaying the flag.

The cities of Las Vegas and Henderson have since passed ordinances preventing associations from prohibiting residents from displaying the American flag.

Under Andonov’s bill, associations still could ban displays of disproportionately large flags.