Nevada officially joins health care lawsuit |

Nevada officially joins health care lawsuit

Gov. Jim Gibbons said Friday Nevada has officially joined Florida and 18 other states challenging the constitutionality of the health care reform legislation in federal court.

In a release issued by his office, Gibbons said the legislation would force all Nevada citizens to buy health insurance or face tax penalties. He argued it

also would increase state taxes paid by Nevadans.

Gibbons termed the legislation “a national disgrace,” arguing that it “clearly exceeds constitutional authority.”

“It is patently unconstitutional for the federal government to break the backs of Nevadans by trampling the Constitution and then threaten to use IRS agents to enforce this ridiculous plan.”

He charged that the plan has already cost Nevada taxpayers, saying, “The Interim Finance Committee, controlled by Democrat legislators in Nevada, has already approved an additional $250,000 in tax money to pay for pre-planning for the Nationalized Health Care Plan.”

Gibbons failed to mention that, when that expenditure was approved by the Board of Examiners consisting of himself, the secretary of state and attorney general, he voted for it.

The Florida lawsuit argues the legislation violates constitutional rights of citizens by mandating they buy health care insurance and infringes on the sovereignty of the states.

After Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto refused to file to join the litigation, Gibbons found lawyers who agreed to handle the case for free and raised money to cover Nevada’s share of litigation costs through donations.