Nevada Senate vote to allow high-tech devices on sidewalks |

Nevada Senate vote to allow high-tech devices on sidewalks

Associated Press

The Nevada Senate voted Monday to allow use of the Segway high-tech scooter on public pathways such as sidewalks and bike paths.

SB363, now headed to the Assembly, sets a maximum speed for the Segway at 15 miles per hour and allows cities and counties to regulate the devices.

The Segway, an upright battery-operated, two-wheeled mobile device resembling a cross between a hand lawnmower and a “Razor” scooter, is controlled by body movements with the help of tiny computers and balance-sensing gyroscopes.

Manufacturers have touted the Segway — which sells online for $5,000 — as a transportation device that can reduce automobile traffic and assist the elderly and handicapped in getting around.

It has been tested across the country by postal workers, police officers and meter readers. Segway says 33 states and Washington, D.C., have passed laws regulating the devices.

SB363 defines Segways and motorized wheelchairs as equivalent to a person on foot.


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