Nevada taxable sales continue climb |

Nevada taxable sales continue climb

Taxable sales rose in October, the fourth month in a row of increases this fiscal year.

The increase was just 2.2 percent to $3.14 billion, but since the year-over-year comparisons have been up every month this fiscal year, the state is 3.6 percent ahead of the same period last year.

The news was even better in Carson City, where taxable sales were up 5.3 percent to $58.2 million. That comes on the heels of September’s 11 percent increase, which city analysts attributed to the double-digit increase in auto sales. For October, car sales were again the leading category in the capital, recording a 10.8 percent increase over October 2009 with $13.8 million in sales.

Douglas County reported a decrease in taxable sales for the month, although by less than a percent, to $42.4 million.

Statewide, the largest increases were in the food services and drinking places category, an 8.1 percent increase, and auto sales, up 10 percent.

Accommodations turned in a 17.3 percent increase for the month.

Ten of Nevada’s 17 counties reported increases in taxable sales for October.

Revenue collections for the month rose 2 percent compared to last year. The state’s General Fund portion of the sales and use tax generated $62.3 million in revenue. But that is still $199,000 below what the Economic Forum projected through the fourth month of the fiscal year.