Nevada TV ad counters ‘extremist’ attacks on Angle |

Nevada TV ad counters ‘extremist’ attacks on Angle

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle is using a familiar face to answer Democratic claims that she’s a dangerous extremist: Her own.

In a new TV ad airing in Nevada, Angle is seen speaking calmly to a mostly elderly audience about the dangers of debt and runaway deficits.

She echoes President Ronald Reagan and warns that “government is the problem.”

The ad appears intended to subtly counter attacks by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his Democratic allies casting Angle as a loopy tea party conservative who would abolish Social Security and Medicare.

Voters in the populous Las Vegas region know little about the former Reno legislator, and the ad will introduce them to a different candidate than the one depicted by Democrats.

The ad never mentions Reid.