Nevada voter registration passes 900,000 |

Nevada voter registration passes 900,000

The number of registered voters in Nevada has now passed 900,000.

Secretary of State Dean Heller said if trends continue, he believes it reasonable to reach a million registered by the next election.

Heller said there are 375,529 registered Republicans and 367,299 registered Democrats in the state and a total of 909,948 voters on the 17 county rolls.

With just 8,230 difference between the two major parties, that leaves the fate of most political races to the 167,120 registered either with a minor party or nonpartisan. Nonpartisan is the largest group in that category, with 138,757 registered. Next largest is the Independent American Party with 17,592 voters. The remainder is split among the Libertarian, Green, Natural Law, Reform and other parties.

More than half of Carson City’s 20,891 registered voters -10,717 – call themselves Republicans. The Capital has 7,025 Democrats and 2,548 nonpartisan voters.

Douglas remains the state’s most heavily Republican county with 11,434 of 19,492 voters compared to just 5,081 Democrats and 2,395 nonpartisan.

Democrats hold a registration advantage in just three counties, but one of those is Clark where they have 258,374 voters on the rolls compared to 225,305 Republicans. The other Democrat-dominated counties are White Pine and Mineral.