Nevada’s Congress members weigh in on health care bill |

Nevada’s Congress members weigh in on health care bill

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

Two of Nevada’s congressional representatives weighed in on the proposed House healthcare legislation Wednesday.

Rep. Dina Titus, a Las Vegas Democrat, originally opposed the plan because it contained a surtax she feared would harm small businesses. She said she can support the new House legislation because it “takes important steps to make health insurance more affordable and accessible for the uninsured, employers and those with pre-existing conditions.”

Rep. Dean Heller, a Carson City Republican, had a different take on the proposal. Heller repeated his original demand that, if a public option is included in the health care reform plan, members of Congress should be enrolled in that government run plan.

Members of Congress are already on a government run plan but Heller wants them in any plan offered to the public.

“If the majority party is determined to force the American people into a government run program, then members of Congress should be required to enroll in that plan also,” he said.

He said participants in his town hall meetings voted 80 percent for that proposal.

Proponents of the so-called “public option” have said repeatedly it will not force anyone into a government-run health program, that they can keep their existing coverage.