New cell phone policy takes effect at high school |

New cell phone policy takes effect at high school

by Teri Vance, Appeal Staff Writer

Students erupted into cheers when Principal Glen Adair announced during Tuesday’s first-day-of-school assembly that cell phones would be permitted on Carson High School’s campus.

“The basic rule is if you’re sitting in class your cell phone is off,” Adair said. “This is a business and our business is you.”

Until this summer, Nevada law prohibited cell phones on school campuses. However the 2003 Legislature determined the devices should be permitted, allowing each school district the ability to create its own policy.

Members of the Carson City School Board decided Tuesday to allow high school students to use their phones on campus while allowing middle and elementary school students to bring phones to school but not use them.

Although cell phones had been banned, Adair said the new law more accurately reflects what was really going on in the schools.

“I supported that legislation because kids were carrying cell phones on campus anyway,” he said. “Whether people agree with it or not, cell phones are a part of our modern society.”

Amanda Ravenelle, 16, said she used her phone about five times during the day — typical of her use even before the law was passed.

“It’s nice because you can have it and not get in trouble for using it,” she said. “Nobody really uses them in class unless they’re weird that way.”

Choir teacher Stewart Peebles said he didn’t have any problems with cell phones in his class Tuesday — also typical.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a problem with them in class because I’m pretty straightforward about it,” he said.

Charles Shirley had a similar report for his welding classes.

“For me, it was all pretty much the same, same.”