New city substation not needed – yet |

New city substation not needed – yet

Becky Bosshart

Sierra Pacific Power Co. officials estimate Carson City won’t need to build a new electric substation for another seven years, depending on population growth.

Power company and city officials are working on the electric master plan, which details current electric facilities and demand estimates by electric substation region.

Bill Bennett, Sierra Pacific land-use consultant, said the master plan will be on the Carson City Planning Commission’s agenda for the next few months until all parties have reached a consensus.

“Our main goal, of course, is to keep Carson City informed about its electrical needs over time, future needs and what will be required to meet electrical need if that demand materialized.”

Bennett said no new substations are needed now. But the city may need additional transformers for existing substations over the next five to seven years.

Carson City has five electric substations, with a Fairview substation under construction. Bennett said the company hopes to have it in service by July or August.

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According to the draft master plan, substations could be in four preferred locations:

• North Carson City near the end of Merrill Road, could be constructed between 2015 and 2020.

• North Edmonds Drive near Butti Way, from 2012 to 2015.

• The south end of Prison Hill, in the late 2020s.

• Near Jacks Valley Road in Douglas County, in 2007.

Bennett, who is responsible for working on the master plan, said he encourages the Planning Commission to revisit the electric master plan every two to three years to make sure assumptions about utility use are still valid.

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