New depot location means updated environmental assessment for V&T |

New depot location means updated environmental assessment for V&T

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Now that the Nevada Commission for the Reconstruction of the V&T Railway has a new first-choice depot location, they are updating the environmental assessment already approved by the federal government.

They began that process, with the help of the Nevada Department of Transportation, by holding two public informational meetings this week in Carson City and Dayton on those changes and the overall progress on the effort.

The commission has changed their first-choice location to a parcel on Drako Way and has voted to acquire that parcel. The deal is currently in escrow.

The alternative depot location is a parcel on Detroit Lane.

Their previous first-choice location was a parcel on Deer Run Road, but that is no longer an option, according to Ken Dorr, of Capital Engineering. Dorr is head of the design consultant team doing engineering work and right-of-way maps for the V&T.

“The Deer Run location was the original proposed site, but since the (U.S. Geological Survey) is building their headquarters there, it’s no longer a good option,” he said.

Dayton resident Armand Arnett praised the effort and the promise of the V&T.

“Once this railroad is built, it will pay off like a slot machine getting three sevens in a row,” he said.

Arnett suggested that once Phase II was complete, which takes the tracks to the bridge across Highway 50, the current V&T train owned by Bob Gray should come down to the bridge regularly to keep interest alive.

Three studies are under way to complete the environmental assessment update, according to Patty Brisbin, analyst for NDOT.

One is a conceptual environment and engineering study, being undertaken by Lumis Engineering of Reno.

Another is a hydrological and natural resources study, or what engineers sometimes call the “bugs and bunnies” impact, being conducted by Quad Knopf of Reno.

The third study, on the cultural impact, often called the “bones and stones” study, is being undertaken by Zeier & Associates LLC of Minden.

Another study is planned on the affect to local communities in terms of noise, public safety and other issues.

Brisbin said all of these studies will be compiled in a report, which will be reviewed by the state and the Federal Highway Administration, which has already approved the original environmental assessment.

After the report is released, a public hearing on location design will be held.

Brisbin said the process should be complete by late summer.

The public will has until 5 p.m. Feb. 10 to comment on the project and the new proposed depot location.

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