New driver learns the ropes |

New driver learns the ropes

Rhonda Costa-Landers/Nevada Appeal Carson High School junior Casey Hill recently received his driver's license. He said he was surprised about what it costs to be a driver.

Casey Hill, a Carson High School junior, recently turned 16. As a newly licensed driver, Casey is experiencing what it takes to be a financially responsible driver as well as a student.

Were you prepared for the costs associated with being a teenage driver?

No. It was more than I thought because of the cost of gas. Because there’s insurance, gas, cost of license and vehicle maintenance.

How much studying did you do prior to applying for your license?

I skimmed through the booklet. My dad’s pretty much taught me everything.

How many times did you take the written test?

Three times.

Behind-the-wheel test?


What did you learn from them?

After not getting it the first time, I read the booklet and thought it would have been easier to pass had I read more of it.

Do you practice safe driving?

I do try to be a safe driver. I wear my seat belt, don’t speed and pay attention to the road.

Do you have an agreement with your parent(s) on keeping a certain grade-point average, or you could lose your driving privileges?

Yes. I have to keep a C average and get a job. And help pay my own car expenses. And, I’m going out for the wrestling team so I have to maintain a good grade-point average.

Are you prepared for winter driving conditions?

I did a lot of driving in winter last year with my dad. He took me out in his truck when we had the opportunity, most of the time. He talked about getting a Jeep this year for me because my car’s not that good for driving on snow and ice.