New driver licenses in Nevada |

New driver licenses in Nevada

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles is starting to issue driver licenses that have a new look and include security features that make them difficult to counterfeit.

The new “Central Issuance” licenses will be produced at L-1 Identity Solutions’ facility in California and mailed to drivers within 10 working days after they apply.

During the interim, they’ll have temporary permits.

“The Central Issuance system is in use in 14 states,” said DMV Director Ginny Lewis. “It is proven technology that has been shown to improve the security of the license itself and the data behind it.”

DMV spokesman Tom Jacobs said his agency realized it needed to develop a more secure license after a 2005 break-in at a DMV office in North Las Vegas.

Thieves rammed a truck into the building and carted away 1,700 blank licenses, a computer, a digital camera and license printer. The items later were recovered. The thieves never used the supplies to create counterfeit licenses, the DMV said.

The new licenses have two driver photos, one large and one small, instead of just one. The smaller photo is a laser-cut ghost image that will be difficult to counterfeit.

Several squiggly lines, similar to those on paper money, also are printed on the new licenses.

The new licenses will cost 75 cents more than the old ones, enough to pay the changes. Nevada licenses cost $22 and remain valid for four years. The same rates apply to people who don’t drive but use licenses for ID cards. Residents 65 and older will pay $17, also a 75-cent increase.


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