Development increases truck traffic around Carson High |

Development increases truck traffic around Carson High

Nevada Appeal staff report
Lompa Ranch truck route map
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As construction ramps up and heavy equipment moves in for the Lompa Ranch Development, Carson City School District cautions community members and students traveling to and from Carson High School.

Beginning this week, trucks will be circling the campus as more than 75,000 cubic yards of soil is excavated from another development site near Casino Fandango and transported for “fill” at the new Lompa Ranch development south and east of the high school.

“The increase in truck traffic may add some congestion throughout the day at Carson High,” Superintendent Richard Stokes said. “We just wanted to give parents and family members a heads-up so they may better plan and be safe as they travel to and from the school.”

Developers have agreed to minimize truck traffic during peak drop-off (7:30-8:30 a.m.) and pickup times (1:30-2:30 p.m.) during school days, Stokes said.

Trucks will be entering and exiting the Lompa Ranch development site from East Robinson Street and moving north and south on North Saliman Road to East William Street to access Interstate 580.

“We just wanted families and community members to be aware of the increase in traffic around our school so they may appropriately plan and take caution,” Stokes said.