New library director starting at bottom of job salary range |

New library director starting at bottom of job salary range

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Sena Loyd
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The Carson City Library’s next director will begin that role on Jan. 3 at nearly $70,800 annually, less than her deputy director is expected to earn, according to an announcement Wednesday night.

Sena Loyd will begin director duties at the bottom of the advertised salary range for a new director, said Phyllis Patton at the board’s regular meeting. Patton is the board member who was named to handle pay package negotiations with Loyd. The possible range was $70,799.97 up to a more than $99,000.

Interim Director Tammy Westergard’s salary automatically will revert to her deputy pay after the transition, according to Sandy Foley, board chairperson. That annual figure for Westergard was $73,782. During her interim directorship period, she got a 10 percent boost from the board and earned at the annual rate of $81,161.

Westergard said she could provide neither her pay figure as the meeting ended Wednesday evening, but acknowledged her deputy pay was at a higher amount than Loyd’s stated starting figure.

“It is what it is,” she said.

Loyd, now the @ Two Digital technology manager on the library’s second floor, was asked by one on the board about her interest in a mileage allotment. She expressed none. She told Robert Kennedy, board vice chairman, she drives a diesel vehicle that gets 50 miles to the gallon and could use a library vehicle if she needed to do so.

As the meeting opened, the board heard public comment criticizing its plan to add 20 computers while altering first-floor auditorium and book sales space. Fred Voltz, who said he is in commercial real estate, criticized library spending, said duplication of services available elsewhere isn’t good, suggested co-location with others for technology, and noted city government needs money for deferred maintenance.

No one spoke directly to his points at that juncture, but a subsequent report on a 5-year library strategic vision dealt with the need for more library technology to spur learning, promote connectivity and create opportunity. That plan, which won consensus support voiced by members, is up for a final vote at the next meeting in December. Early on it would alter library space to accommodate expanded technology.