New Nevada laws target bullying, crime tracking |

New Nevada laws target bullying, crime tracking

(AP) – New laws taking effect in Nevada target bullying, tracking crime statistics, making it easier for young men to register for the Selective Service, and new regulation of debt adjusters.

The laws passed by the 2009 Legislature take effect today.

SB163 adds bullying and cyber-bullying as prohibited activities in schools, and requires administrators to include them in developing policies and training programs to ensure safe learning environments.

AB497 requires the Department of Corrections to track inmate recidivism and effectiveness of educational and vocational programs. It also court administrators to include information on cases assigned to specialty court programs.

SB217 authorizes, with an applicant’s approval, the Department of Motor Vehicles to forward personal information of young men directly to the Selective Service System.

SB355 tightens regulations of debt management and restructuring services.