New partner sought to manage Virginia Range horses |

New partner sought to manage Virginia Range horses

Nevada Appeal Capitol Bureau

The Nevada Department of Agriculture is looking for a new coordinating partner to help manage the feral horses in the Virginia Range.

The department decided to terminate the four-year-old agreement with the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign after AWHPC sent notice it would no longer fulfill all the parts of the agreement.

“Our No. 1 priority is to protect public safety and that requires collaboration between state, local and nonprofit partners,” said agriculture director Jim Barbee.

Horses in the Virginia Range often cross roadways including U.S. 50 and U.S. 95A in search of water and food, particularly during times of the year when forage is scarce. Agriculture is responsible for managing feral and estray horse populations in the Virginia Range. That includes responding to public safety hazards, removal, relocation and adoption of horses. Those horses aren’t considered wild horses.

Barbee said drivers should remain alert to the possibility of horses near unfenced roadways. He said until a new agreement is signed, horses near roadways in the Virginia Range area should be reported by calling 353-3709.