New thrift store benefits Alzheimer’s Association |

New thrift store benefits Alzheimer’s Association

Becky Bosshart

Buying that $10 green lamp from 2nd Place, the new Mound House thrift store, isn’t just a wise buy to complement a brightly-colored bedroom. The purchase also benefits charity.

Michelle Fissori decided to open 2nd Place, a thrift and consignment store, partly in memory of her husband’s aunt, Inez Virginia Baroni.

“His aunt passed away June 18 and she had Alzheimer’s,” Fissori said Thursday. “For about 12 years the family dealt with it. This is our way to help Alzheimer’s victims.”

2nd Place, 10128 Highway 50 East D, is located behind Second Hand Rose in Mound House. The shop is located half outdoors. Used furniture spills out onto the parking lot. The one-room store is an organized second-hand sanctum. Fissori walked out from behind the front counter and into the clothing section. She took two steps and was inside the “library,” which is a cove of paperback novels and Bibles. After rounding the corner she was in the kitchenware section. Lamps of all shapes and sizes, including a grass-green lamp with a multi-colored fabric shade, were lined up on the top shelf.

Fissori has coffee cups galore. She said they seem to be the one thing that people like to donate.

2nd Place gets all of its items from donations and auction houses. Fissori said after all the bills are paid the remaining proceeds go to the Alzheimer’s Association. She said they were excited to partner with her.

“I contacted the Alzheimer’s Association in Reno, and she told me they don’t have the manpower or the ability to take in donations from the community. So now people can bring stuff into me (to donate). Or people can also take donations to the Alzheimer’s Association and they’ll get them to us.”

This is her first business, and it’s proven to be “a labor of love.” Fissori believes they are here for a purpose. Her goal is to keep growing and giving to the association.

Fissori’s favorite piece is a picture hanging above the counter that she calls the “ugly owl.” The owl and its baby are perched on a tree branch. The picture is made out of broken glass.

The most expensive item in the store is a $350 hall tree. The wooden chair is painted a gold but has a slight greenish tint. The seat opens for use as a handy storage place. The chair has a tall back with a mirror on it and several metal hooks for coats.

Fissori also works part time for Stewart Title. Her husband, Bruno, owns a carpet-cleaning business.


What: 2nd Place Second Hand and Consignment

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Thursday to Sunday

Where: 10128 Highway 50 E. D, Mound House

Contact: 246-1779 or the Alzheimer’s Association 786-8061

Contact reporter Becky Bosshart at or 881-1212.