New water tank should improve supply in west Mound House |

New water tank should improve supply in west Mound House

MOUND HOUSE – Mound House will have 100,000 more gallons of water available once a new water tank is in place on Linehan Road.

Crews this week are erecting a 100,000-gallon storage tank that should be ready to supply water to the community in about three weeks, said Mark Clarkson, manager at Dayton Utilities.

The new tank replaces two water tankers able to hold only 4,000 and 3,500 gallons. Much of the western section of Mound House has relied on this improvised system since heavy snows in December 1996 crushed the concrete cover on the Linehan reservoir.

“It’s been three years in coming,” Clarkson said.

The new $52,000 tank should prevent water shortages in western Mound House during periods of peak usage or power outages. This bolted steel tank will primarily provide a reserve water supply to bring Dayton Utilities in compliance with state regulations, he said.

This tank is part of a long-term plan to improve the water system in Mound House. The first phase of these improvements came in January 1996 when a connector line brought a more stable water supply from Dayton.

Plans for the next three to five years call for a one million gallon tank farther up on Linehan, above all the homes on that road. Mound House’s primary water supply comes from a one-million gallon tank on Red Rock Road and a 500,000-gallon tank at the east end.