No word on status of nurse who allegedly mishandled firefighters |

No word on status of nurse who allegedly mishandled firefighters

by F.T. Norton

The spokeswoman for a clinic in Carson City responsible for about six firefighters being improperly injected with tetanus serum, said Friday the company could not comment on the status of the nurse who allegedly mishandled the syringes.

“In this case she was a contract nurse and worked in an onsite facility,” said Vicki Bryant, director of marketing and corporate communications for Concentra Medical Clinics. “We are conducting an internal investigation and assessing our protocol to ensure all immunizations are administered effectively and with the highest regard for the safety of our patients.”

Tuesday, as about 17 firefighters were in the Stewart Street station for a yearly tuberculosis screening, a half-dozen had been administered before firefighter Tom Raw waiting in line noticed the nurse was drawing from vials labeled tetanus.

A tetanus shot, which can be given as a booster or to prevent infection from an injury, should be administered deeply into a muscle for slow release.

In a tuberculosis screening, a small amount of the virus is injected just under the skin on the forearm of the patient.

Tuesday, the tetanus antioxidant was injected into the forearm instead, causing painful swelling and ulcers on the skin of four firefighters.

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