Nobody asked us, but … |

Nobody asked us, but …

Carolyn Tate & Maizie Harris Jesse
Special to the Appeal

Mob rule is, unfortunately, not dead. Just like the melee’s at soccer stadiums where many are killed, America experienced a dreadful scene of so-called “shoppers” trampling a Wal-Mart employee to death on Friday. Instead of “Black Friday,” why not call it “Let’s see how many people we can kill today” Friday, or “Let’s plug a couple of guys in Toy ‘R’ Us” Friday? A bargain was not worth a person’s life, so many of us might want to forego the rush and debts of the marketers and remember the REAL meaning of Christmas. Save some money, celebrate the birth of Christ in a manger in Bethlehem, and show a little love to each other instead.

There’s another day to remember on Sunday, the day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. Thank the veterans of all wars for their sacrifices, and be glad you live in “the land of the free.”

Carson City is hosting the Silver and Snowflakes Holiday Tree Lighting this evening at 5:30 p.m. on the steps of the state capitol. There will be music, an open house at City Hall and the opening of the Arlington ice rink across from the Nugget. A wonderful time for the whole family. Then, on Friday (remind your parents on this one), put out your shoes, and maybe Kris Kringle or Sinter Klaus, will fill them with cookies and candy if you’re good, or coal and sticks, if you’re not. And you don’t even have to be German.

John and Denise Nikakis sent us this from the Internet: “Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. ‘In order to get into heaven, you must show something that represents Christmas.’ The first man rummaged through his pockets, came up with a lighter, and said, ‘It represents a candle.’ ‘Go on in,’ says St. Pete. The second man pulled out his keys, and said, ‘They represent bells,’ and in he went. The third man searches desperately, and finally comes up with a pair of woman’s panties. St. Peter, with an arched eyebrow, looked at the man and asked, ‘What do those represent?’ The man replied, ‘These are Carol’s.'” (tch, tch)

A pertinent question: What good will Universal Health Care be if doctors won’t even take current Medicare and Medicaid patients? Seems to us that the feds should up their payments to the doctors, so that they can be fairly reimbursed. Then maybe, things will change. Think about it and say something to your legislators, or it’s going to be a hellish mess.

Speaking of things political … we’ve loaned money to people … so why can’t we be “bailed out?” We’re awaiting our checks … HA. And it’s looking like any ship plying the waters off the Arabian/African coasts, will have to have a mercenary army onboard to keep from being pirated. No “Pirates of the Caribbean,” that.

Carolyn saw a beautiful bald eagle the other day perched in the trees south of Washoe Lake. Maizie saw a new Home Depot up by Wal-Mart the other day (obviously one of them needs to get out more).

For a beautiful look at the Winter night skies, be sure and get to the Western Nevada College Jack Davis Observatory for their star parties every Saturday night at 7 p.m. (they’re free). There also is a monthly meeting on Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. … and you’re all welcome to attend.

We have a great story about a couple we know living in Tuba City, Ariz., a few years ago, who went to Flagstaff to buy their groceries. They left the store, piled the groceries in the car and left for home. About half way there, the husband says to his wife … “Er, honey … I think we should go back.” “Why?” she asks. “Because,” said the husband, “this isn’t our car.” Sure enough, there were no scratches in the interior where there had been before, and no kid’s stuff in the back seat. They turned around immediately, went back to the store and found their “real” car (same make, model and color) … quickly transferred the groceries to their car and made a speedy getaway. They never found out if the other owners wondered why their gas level had gone down or their mileage had risen. Some things are better left undone.

‘Tis is the season to take frozen turkeys to FISH, the Salvation Army, or your local churches for their Christmas baskets. They also could use canned goods, and any food items that won’t break (anything in a glass container). Cake mixes or things like mac and cheese are welcome. Your less fortunate neighbors will thank you.

The big three car makers are probably in with the corn subsidy people, knowing that making ethanol from corn will raise the price of food and make it harder to transfer from an oil based economy to a greener one. They’ve sure had the old ostrich mentality, and it’s coming home to roost. Trouble is, we’re the suckers who’ll be bailing them out. And how was your week?

– Carolyn Tate and Maizie Harris Jesse are longtime Carson City residents. They can be reached by e-mail at