Noodle aficionados love Guiliani in unofficial poll |

Noodle aficionados love Guiliani in unofficial poll

Karen Woodmansee
Appeal Staff Writer

Rudy Guiliani and Fred Thompson are the top Republicans in the presidential race, at least according to noodle-lovers.

The Lyon County Republican Central Committee held an unscientific straw poll at the Oodles of Noodles pasta cookoff in Dayton over the weekend, and Guiliani came out tops among announced candidates, while Thompson headed the list of unannounced candidates.

Howard Hirsch, chairman of the party said the candidates were divided into two groups, announced and potential. He said 58 valid votes were cast, with 16 more incorrectly voting for someone in each group.

Guiliani received 18 votes; 12 from Republicans, two from Democrats and four from those not affiliated with either major party.

Thompson received 12 votes, 11 from Republicans and one from a nonpartisan or third-party adherent.

“Since the presidential campaign is gearing up a lot sooner than it used to, I think the results will give the candidates a guide to how they’re doing in a fast-growing part of Nevada,” Hirsch said. “That Rudy and Fred Thompson are almost neck-and-neck says a lot about where people in Nevada and in Lyon County are.”

Among announced candidates, in second place was former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney who received seven votes, five from Republicans and two from voters unaffiliated with a major party.

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., was the choice of six voters at Oodles of Noodles, four of them Republicans, one Democrat and one unaffiliated.

Former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson was chosen by two voters, one a Republican and the other unaffiliated with a major party.

Kansas Sen. Sam Brownback was the choice of one unaffiliated voter.

Among potential candidates, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was the choice of five voters, four of them Republican and one unaffiliated, Dick Cheney was chosen by three Republicans, Newt Gingrich by two Republicans and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush by one Republican.

Receiving no votes were former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore, Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-California, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas and Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colorado, all announced candidates.

Hirsch said more straw polls will be taken at other Lyon County events.

He said the results of the next straw poll could change as people become more familiar with the candidates.

“I don’t think many of our members have made up their minds yet,” he said.

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