Nurse in tetanus mishap will no longer be used |

Nurse in tetanus mishap will no longer be used

by F.T. Norton

A Carson City clinic contracted by the city to provide health care to its workers no longer uses a contract nurse who injected firefighters with a tetanus vaccine during a tuberculosis screening last week, a spokeswoman for the company said Thursday.

“We will no longer use contract nurses for those on-site services,” said Vicki Bryant, director of marketing and corporate communications for Concentra Medical Clinics. “(The nurse) was an independent contractor and we reviewed her credentials, but we are not responsible for her training.”

Bryant said a Concentra protocol would have prevented such a mistake and, in the future, Concentra nurses will handle all city medical needs.

About six of 17 Carson City firefighters scheduled for a tuberculosis screening were accidentally injected with the tetanus vaccine on Jan. 6.

The accidental injection caused swelling and an infection on the firefighters’ forearms that could be reduced with antibiotics.

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