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NV Energy warns against imposters demanding payment

Staff Report

Imposters have been calling some NV Energy customers demanding payment or their power would be turned off, NV Energy warned in a news release today.

“We do not call our customers and tell them their service will be disconnected unless they provide a credit card number. This is true regardless of whether or not they owe NV Energy for utility bills,” said Bruce Bullock, Customer Service Executive for NV Energy, in the release.

The company has reportedly received a half-dozen calls from customers saying they had been contacted by someone claiming to be with NV Energy and demanding payment.

It’s thought that the imposters are attempting to obtain credit card numbers from unsuspecting customers.

NV Energy stressed that the company does not solicit credit card payments over the phone.

“If someone wanted to pay their power bill by credit card, ATM card or check-by-phone, it is the customer who must initiate a call to a third-party pay-by-phone service. NV Energy and its employees have no way to accept such over-the-phone payments,” according to Bullock.

“These imposters are obviously looking for a way to steal someone’s credit information,” he said.

NV Energy advised any customers receiving such calls to call their local police authorities to report the incident, and to call their credit card company if they actually gave out their credit card number.

Customers may also call NV Energy’s Customer Service Department toll free at 800-962-0399.