Officials see no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Nevada |

Officials see no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Nevada

Like other battleground states where GOP officials have charged widespread voter fraud is swinging elections, Nevada officials say they are finding very little to back the claims.

“We certainly haven’t seen any evidence of voter fraud in Nevada,” said Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller.

He said there have been some instances of voter registration fraud but that it’s most often caught immediately.

“We haven’t seen the kinds of impersonation or other access fraud that has been alleged,” he said.

He made the comments on the eve of national voter registration day, which is today.

Miller credited Nevada’s election officials with preventing fraud.

“We definitely have very talented election officials and stringent safeguards in place and a strong track record of going after violators,” he said. “I don’t see any evidence of any widespread conspiracy to try to game the system.”

Carson City Clerk-Recorder Alan Glover, who is in charge of elections in the capital, said he has run into very few instances of fraud. He said there might be three or four instances each election cycle, out of some 25,000 registered voters in Carson City.

Glover said he had one man try to vote twice just to test the system but that he left very quickly when informed he had just committed a felony.

There were repeated allegations during the 2010 election contest between Sen. Harry Reid and unsuccessful challenger Sharron Angle by people claiming the voting machine wouldn’t accept a ballot for Angle, instead converting it to a vote for Reid.

Miller said FBI investigators interviewed all those who claimed to have any evidence supporting that and couldn’t find a single person.

“In every instance, they seemed to have acknowledged it could have been a mistake,” he said. “People tend to tell a different story with the media than the FBI when informed up front that lying to an agent is punishable by imprisonment.”

Voter registration is still open in Nevada. Individuals can register on-line or by mail through October 6. After that, they can still register in person at any of Nevada’s 17 clerk’s offices through October 16.

Glover said absentee ballots will go out over the next couple of weeks including to overseas troops. He said sample ballots get mailed the Monday before early voting.

Early voting begins October 20 and ends November 2.

Election day is November 6.