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Old-school potties parade down Virginia City’s main street

Jarid Shipley
Appeal Staff Writer
Brad Horn/Nevada Appeal The Ole Tyme Classic, left, and the Urinator race down C Street in Virginia City during the first heat of the 10th annual World Championship Outhouse Races on Saturday. Riding the Classic is Pammers Biddle of the Ole Tyme Saloon.

The rumble of motorcycles and the cackles of laughter served as the soundtrack for the 10th annual World Championship Outhouse races in Virginia City on Saturday with more than 1,000 people turning out to watch the runs.

Despite only three entries and a two-hour delay for weather concerns, the races were as memorable as ever, said event organizer Elma White.

“The weather had a lot to do with the slow start because it was too foggy in the early morning but we are getting more and more people as the day goes on,” White said.

People crowded C Street, waiting for it to hit the fan and the voyeurs included the Plungerettes, sporting a dance routine and mini plungers, as well as ladies – and several men – of the night and an appearance by an overweight Elvis.

“We are just here to have fun and look good doing it, but I am disappointed that Flaming Butt Hutt isn’t here,” said Filthy Phil Parker, captain of the Stool Shed team.

The Flaming Butt Hutt, the reigning champion of the event, was among the approximately 10 past participants that were unable to make it this year.

Joe Rooney, owner of the Ole Tyme Saloon, said the event is just a way to have a good laugh and relax.

“It supports Virginia City and we always try to do that, plus it’s just a fun time. It’s been a tough year and people just need a little comedy,” Rooney said. “It has absolutely no socially redeeming value.”

Lining the racetrack, the smell of hot dogs and barbecue wafted as old friends reunited and first timers stood in awe of the spectacle.

The event kicked off at noon with a parade of potties up and down C Street followed at 1 p.m. with the first race of the day, The Urinator versus The Classic.

While it was all fun and games during the parade, when the time came to race, faces became serious as teams took their marks and prepared to bear down.

Prepping his machine for the race, Filthy Phil went over his strategy one last time.

“Push like hell and win, win, win,” he said before herding his crapper to the start line.

White said that despite the limited number of entries, the event will still run over two days, with the final race being run today at noon.

“If they want to do two days we will, we are just here to have a good time,” said White.

The music from the staging area for the event was occasionally drowned out by the roar of passing motorcycles, participating in the Union Brewery’s fifth annual Toy Run, which coincides with the outhouse races but is not affiliated with them.

More than 100 motorcycles pulled into town beginning at 11 a.m. hauling stuffed animals and games for the run, which began at the Road House in Sparks and Carson City Harley Davidson.

“We do it because all of the money stays in the county and goes to the Community Chest,” said Union Brewery owner Jett Aguilar.

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1st – Ole Tyme Classic

2nd – Urinator

Both sponsored by Sargent Majors Silver Dollar Saloon in Virginia City and Ole Tyme Saloon in South Reno

3rd – Stool Shed

Sponsored by Filthy Phil Parker from Rough and Ready, Calif.