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ON BOXING & MARTIAL ARTS: Pacquiao can’t be beaten

Victor Bruno
Special to the Nevada Appeal

Manny Pacquiao will enter the ring Saturday against Antonio Margarito at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Pound-for-pound boxing king Pacquiao (51-3-2 38 KOs) will be going after his eighth division title. In the southpaw’s last five fights there is only one round that all three judges have given to one of his opponents. The knockout punch he threw against Ricky Hatton was so devastating that Hatton might never fight again.

He has no problem challenging bigger opponents as he moves up to super welterweight status, he gives up five-inches in reach and five-inches in height to Margarito.

Margarito (38-6 with 27 KOs) is coming off a one-year suspension for being caught, along with his then trainer Javier Capetillo, trying to load some sort of plaster like material into his hand wraps. Many feel Margarito should have been banned from boxing for life, and that Pacquiao should not be giving Margarito this fight.

Pacquiao has said that Margarito, an Orthodox fighter, sat out his suspension and that he hoped he learned his lesson. If the plaster compound would have been discovered in Margarito’s hand wraps after the fight, he and his trainer would be sitting in prison. Of course, the fight boxing fans want is Pacquiao against Mayweather, but “Pretty Boy Floyd” is ducking “Pac-Man.”

Maybe Mayweather has some strategic plan, let Pacquiao get a little older, have a few more fights to slow him down, only the Mayweather camp knows. But Pacquiao runs from no one and although he is a 5-1 favorite over Margarito he will have his hands full with a larger, desperate opponent like Margarito.

At this stage of his boxing career, Pacquiao can’t be beaten. He is a congressman in the Philippines working hard for his country. Pacquiao is a fighter who never trash talks anyone, fights anyone – mostly larger than himself – and gives his heart and soul in each bout. He brings life and excitement to the sport of boxing and offers a big beautiful smile at times that is, heartwarming, especially coming from a man that can take your head off with one punch. Pacquiao’s a real man with integrity, you’ve just got to love him.

• Victor Bruno is athletic director of Bruno’s Boxing Club in Carson City.