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Once in a lifetime

John Barrette
Shannon Litz/Nevada AppealHaley Hannah and Jordan Cruz exchange vows on Wednesday evening at the Carson City Courthouse. Judge Tom Armstrong officiated five weddings on 12-12-12.

Five couples exchanged vows at the Carson City Courthouse on Wednesday, taking advantage of the 12-12-12 date that won’t come around again in their lifetimes.

Four couples got licenses not long before the judge arrived, but the fifth had the papers already in hand and the father of the bride seemed as excited as anyone waiting to marry.

“That’s exactly why we’re here,” said Rick Giron of Carson City when asked if the date played a role in the timing. “This is the last repetitive date that any of us will see.”

Cody Strain and Ashley Giron were the last of the five couples to marry as Judge Tom Armstrong, the justice of the peace, officiated for each ceremony.

According to the prospective father-in-law and Strain, the marriage on the iconic date would be followed by a full wedding later.

Giron chuckled, calling this real marriage date a dress rehearsal for the bigger ceremony later.

Kyle Allen and Alba Young brought along their own vows and she called Kyle her friend, then promised to laugh with him and cry with him.

“You are my hope,” she said, promising: “Until death parts me from you, I will always be yours.”

Before their ceremony, Young said she thought getting married on Dec. 12, 2012, was cool.

Others seemed to agree.

“I guess we got lucky,” said Haley Hannah, who awaited the exchange of vows with Jordan Cruz. She said she meant because of the date and because they found each other.

Cruz said it was not only a good date, but the right time because he is heading for the Army. He will go to Fort Benning, Ga., the first of next year for training and his bride will join him later.

Cody Wolfe and Amanda Speer also were on hand to take advantage of the date, telling Judge Tom Armstrong to “do your thing” when he asked if they had their own vows. James Perkins and Karen Moor, the other couple, had the same message for the judge.

Carol Wells, who helped handle the licensing chores at the office of Clerk/Recorder Alan Glover between 4-5 p.m., said the 7-7-7 date in 2007 was a big one in Carson City.

But she said that 11-11-11 “was a total bomb for us.”

Such iconic wedding dates bring luck, according to some people, but another reason for choosing such dates is to make sure husbands remember the date in question in coming years.