One digit makes a difference |

One digit makes a difference

by Kurt Hildebrand

One digit can make a heck of a difference in who you get a hold of, and if you need to make an appointment with the Mammovan, then it can make all the difference.

Last year, the Appeal misprinted the phone number for the Mammovan and J.K. Wheeler, a consultant for a state department with nothing to do with breast exams, fielded 50 phone calls.

“Last year was a real shipwreck,” he said.

This year he got two phone calls and wanted to check what number appeared in the newspaper.

We published a story with the correct phone number, (877) 581-6266, on Wednesday. I know the number is right, because I called it myself.

Tom Blomquist left a tip about a new Howlin’ Good Barbecue restaurant for me with Features Editor Kelli Du Fresne, since he knows I like to eat.

He knows that because he was one of our waiters at the Nevada Press Association Banquet at the Hilton on Sept. 22.

Tom has suggested the establishment of “The Occasional Lyin’ County Liars Contest.” He shared the idea with McAvoy Layne, who suggested the categories — stretchers, lifters and powder burners. Tom hopes to get it together for around Nevada Day.

It was good to see some old friends at the Press Association, including Jason Kellner, who in addition to working the desk here at the Appeal for three years helped me build my fence at home.

Former Appeal intern Maggie O’Neill was named a journalist of merit at the dinner. Maggie is working the cops and courts beat at The Record-Courier.

I didn’t win anything, having only recently returned to the news game, but mother-in-law Joyce Hollister mentioned my name in her speech while accepting her membership in the Nevada Journalists Hall of Fame.

Joyce’s mother, Lucille Aldrich, is celebrating her 85th birthday at the home of daughter Judy Flannigan on Saturday.

Before becoming the unofficial mayor of Aptos, Calif., Lucille spent most of her life selling advertising for newspapers in the Bay area in between raising Joyce, Judy and Minden photographer Jay Aldrich.

This week’s Reno News and Review features an article by former Appeal desk editor and columnist Terri Harber.

The article is about Max Baer Jr. and a profile of his proposed Beverly Hillbillies Casino in Carson City.

I suspect Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman will be on hand to see off Las Vegas reporters as they climb into the prison bus Monday morning.

The reporters are going to the big house for an open house at the new Desert Correctional Center north of town.

Unfortunately for those who would like to see the media take a permanent ride, they’ll all be back Monday afternoon.

The Fourth Ward School is still flush after Saturday’s ceremony recognizing the installation of a new restroom and hot water.

Barbara Mackey said she has heard whispers in the hallways about the shortage of facilities in the historic Virginia City school.

“We’ve never had hot water in this building,” she said. “We’ve got to make a big deal about this.”

Saturday’s ceremony was at 4 p.m. with State Historic Preservationist Ron James officiating. A reception followed.

In addition to a men’s restroom on the main floor and a women’s bathroom on the third floor, a catering kitchen and staff restroom has been added in the school’s north tower.

I have a copy of a marriage certificate for Kent Louis Wallis and Sandra Michelle May, both of Carson City, signed by Willie L. Brown Jr. of the Universal Life Church, also rumored to be mayor of San Francisco.

The happy couple were married at the Cal Neva Lodge in Lake Tahoe.

I couldn’t find their number in the phone book, so I don’t know what their connection is with His Honor.

Kurt Hildebrand is city editor at the Nevada Appeal. Reach him at 881-1215 or