One less offender nabbed in alcohol sales-sting |

One less offender nabbed in alcohol sales-sting

F.T. Norton

Area businesses may be getting the message intended with repeated alcohol-sales stings, Sgt. Bob White of the Carson City Sheriff’s Department said.

Ten citations, carrying a fine of $632 each, were issued Tuesday night during the department’s fourth undercover endeavor.

A 20-year-old woman was served alcohol at Grand Central Pizza, El Charro Avita, Carson Lanes, Daddy Dick’s, AM/PM Mini Mart on South Carson Street, Casino Fandango and Woody’s. A 16-year-old boy was served at Taqueria La Salsa, Round Table Pizza and Kathy’s Someplace Else.

That’s one less citation than the 11 issued to the same number of businesses visited Sept. 10, White said. Woody’s received a citation both this time and last.

“Those numbers tell me that what we’re doing is having an effect,” he said. The first operation in June netted 50 percent non-compliance. There are 138 businesses in Carson City that sell alcohol.

“People need to understand these alcohol stings are ongoing and we are not going to stop doing them,” he said. “The Sheriff’s Department is 110 percent behind this program.”

Although business owners suffer no criminal repercussion when their clerks sell to minors, White said, the department intends to present the liquor licensing board with the results of the stings. Sheriff Ken Furlong said he will ask the board to place repeat offenders’ licenses on probation.

“What these stings do prove is that the employees need more training,” White said. “We’re not out there to screw people out of their jobs. We want to make them aware they can’t sell alcohol to minors. They need to check identification.”

The sting results will be presented to the liquor board during today’s meeting, White said.