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Opinion: Carson City Downtown project can be a candle in the darkness

Sandy Foley
For the Nevada Appeal

When one considers the positive ramifications of recent developments in Carson City, the ancient Chinese proverb, “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness,” dramatically applies. With the guidance of our mayor and city supervisors, the vision of the Office of Business Development, the Hop & Mae Adams Trust and the Meridian Business Advisors, our “candle” could ignite a bonfire that will illuminate Carson City for years to come.

The development project, aptly dubbed “Nevada’s Working Capital,” signals a bold new direction for our community and dramatically demonstrates a willingness to take action rather than bemoan our current situation.

The Reno Aces franchise has successfully revitalized a part of downtown Reno and is bringing new development (The Freighthouse District) to the city. With a first-year attendance of nearly 500,000 people, the baseball team has generated enthusiasm and an influx of tourists and local dollars for the city.

The proposed Knowledge and Discovery Library (the current library serves over 1,000 patrons every day) will be a similar catalyst to Carson City. People will go downtown and then go to the library. Conversely, people will go to the library for one of the myriad services it provides and then go downtown or spend time in the adjoining plaza.

The library serves all socio-economic levels and provides services ranging from leisure reading, to computer training, to job search, to cultural enrichment, just to name a few. The library works in tandem with the school district, providing research materials in all formats, convenient hours and an atmosphere where learning and curiosity are highly prized.

The new library, along with the other aspects of the development project, will collaborate with existing entities to make this a vibrant state capital. Sales tax revenue will help the community and the schools. New, high-paying jobs will plug the current brain drain.

Join us as we light not one, but many diverse candles. Support the Carson City development project.

• Sandy Foley is on the Carson City Library Board of Trustees