Organizer defends behavior at prison fundraiser |

Organizer defends behavior at prison fundraiser

RENO (AP) – The organizer of a Nevada State Prison fundraiser that included a scantily clad female singer is defending the event, saying “you see more at the Super Bowl.”

Terry Hubert is a Vietnam Veterans of America volunteer who organized the June 26 barbecue.

The event included a female singer who stripped down to a lingerie-style top with spaghetti straps during a parody of Madonna’s “Hanky Panky.”

The woman sang “I don’t want ya to thank me, You can just spank me,” then bent over to be paddled by another woman.

Hubert says the singer was “covered” and the performance held before prisoners “wasn’t that risque.”

The flap over it has led to an investigation by the state inspector general.

The event raises money for local charities and elementary schools.