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Our Opinion: We support efforts to bring more filmmaking to Nevada

The Nevada Appeal Editorial Board

Hollywood on the Comstock.

That was the headline in the Nevada Appeal last weekend, as columnist Sue Morrow detailed how a Virginia City resident is hoping to attract Hollywood filmmakers to our area. Here’s our thought on the proposition: Let’s help him out!

Jim Clark – a real train enthusiast – used to live in Carson City, where he participated in construction of the little railroad in Mills Park. After leaving Carson City, he became involved in the California film industry as a stunt man and “go-to guy” for movie and television productions involving trains. Recently, he returned to the area, settling in Virginia City.

And now he hopes to use his Hollywood connections to encourage filming in the Comstock and Carson City area. And we’re all for it.

According to Morrow, while Clark lived in Carson City, he was involved in more than 30 projects that filmed locally for backdrops to films, television and commercials. Now that he’s back, he wants to take the effort another step: He wants more cameras filming in the Comstock and in Northern Nevada.

Obviously, this effort could mean significant spending in our region, which is why it caught our attention. Such places as Toronto, South Carolina and Texas spend millions each year to attract film and television producers to stage projects in their area. It means jobs, and it means spending on food, props, extras and other items critical to a successful movie or TV project. With our area among the leading regions in unemployment statistics, any such interest could be huge.

Clark indicated the V&T Railroad provides a specific opportunity to give the region the appropriate interest. A property owner along the rail line is willing to participate in an effort to construct a Western set suitable for filming. And apparently Clark has had contact with at least one film company and the History Channel about scouting our locations.

But why leave it to Clark to go it alone? This is not only exciting, it could be a critical step in bringing new jobs and investment to Carson City and Virginia City. For sure, we’re not caught up in the Hollywood spotlight, but there’s no harm in pursuing what appears to be a grand opportunity.

We call on Carson City, Virginia City and regional business and visitor groups to engage Clark and offer him both support and encouragement. Times are tough – and we need the jobs, we need the investment, and we need the national attention such projects might provide.

Besides, who wants to see a Western movie filmed in Toronto anyway?