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Out with the old and swing in with the new

Mile High Jazz Band presents Lucky Diamond and The Gents o’ Jive, a ’20s and ’30s hot jazz band playing favorite Fats Waller’s “Ain’t Misbehavin'” to Billy Austin’s “Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby.”

Lucky Diamond and the Gents o’ Jive deliver with Dan Lancaster on sax, clarinet, and flute; Gil Linsley on trumpet and flugelhorn; Jimmy Vermillion on keyboard; Joe La Chew on guitar; and Mark Ashworth, also known as Lucky Diamond, on drums.

Bring the entire family and head to Boarders Book Store on New Year’s Eve for a little early celebration and a fun pre-countdown to 2009. They will have games, crafts and a special parade to celebrate the holidays.

Ever wanted to dance? Well, grab some shoes and join the High Sierra Swing Dance Club.

Learn West Coast swing, East Coast swing, ballroom, country and Latin. This is a fun way to meet locals, and, no, you don’t have to have a partner.

Come check out the dance club this Tuesday. They have phenomenal teachers that emphasize technique, timing and togetherness ” the three Ts that make your dancing look sharp.

If you want to look like you belong on Dancing with the Stars, here is a fun way to learn.

Marv Teixeira, hmmm, what do you say about the mayor?

He is headed out of office, and Marv is one of those guys you either like or you don’t like.

Personally, I have enjoyed him, his great family, his achievements and his antics. My grandpa always said that if everyone likes you, you must be a politician, so Marv I guess that makes you … not a politician!

If you want to enjoy a good roast of “Starvin Marvin,” join Rotary in the celebration of “the good, the bad and the rest” fundraiser and farewell to a man, who some liked, some disliked and some just didn’t care.

I wish the best to Marv and his beautiful wife, Liz, and hope that they enjoy some peaceful times ahead.

Thank you Marv for all those games you coached, all the children you helped and the things that never made the headlines that not many know about, like the mitts, baseballs, footballs and donations you made through the years to make sure children had equipment to play.

You never bragged about helping out, you just did it. Thanks for everything, and, this time … stay retired.

Now there’s something fun for children, teens, young adults and seniors alike.

Try the new ice rink downtown. During the first week, more than 1,500 people came by to check out the new Arlington Square outdoor ice rink and, from what I heard from Ryan Sarkissian, the first night the ice rink opened up it was pretty fun.

Now that there is more snow, even more fun. Remember you can also get warm in the heated pavilion just outside of the skating rink for those snow bunnies. Make it a family event.

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